Tuesday, July 10, 2007

very shortly now, the EFF should be posting 1,500 pages. . .


07.09.07 11 p.m.

okay -- the first batch
(of some 1,100 pages) is
now online here -- interesting
early discoveries include:
. . .FOIA documents show. . . that several cases were forwarded to the Board between April 2005 and February 2007.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales was copied on these referrals, despite congressional testimony in April 2005 that he was unaware of any civil liberties violations arising from the PATRIOT Act, and a March 2007 speech in which he claimed to be “upset” and "concerned" by the inspector general's findings.

Copies of more than 60 "exigent letters" [PDF] sent by FBI headquarters to three telecomunications companies. The inspector general determined that the FBI's use of these short form letters, which cryptically asked for telephone records because of unspecified "exigent circumstances," circumvented the law and violated FBI guidelines and policies. . .


the background on this is here,
but as of june 28, 2007, judge bates had re-
affirmed, and clarified his order that 500
no, 1,500 pages of national security letter
be made available under a FOIA request,
and subsequent lawsuit, by the electronic froniter
foundation (the "eff"). . . the order sets a rolling
schedule of escalating-page deliveries, some 100,000
in total, eventually to be liberated -- with almost 5,000
in the next few weeks. . . so, here is the text
of judge bates latest ruling (in blue):
MINUTE ORDER: Upon consideration of defendant's motion for clarification, and the entire record herein, it is hereby ORDERED that the motion is GRANTED; and it is further ORDERED that defendant shall process 1500 pages by not later than July 5, 2007. /S/ Signed by Judge John D. Bates on 6/28/2007.

now, we should shortly see some of it -- at least in
a summary form -- at the EFF website. . .

i'll report back when we've got something
worth talking about, here. . .

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