Sunday, July 1, 2007

"on the merits": a serious look at mr. cheney's constitutional theories. . .

well, i think it high-time to take
the vice president's latest assertions
of super-constitutional powers quite
seriously, and accord them all the
comity, and deference, due and owing to
the second-highest ranking official -- of
any branch of government -- in
this, our republic, and these fine united states. . .

to that end, assembled here, are the considered
opinions of the best and brightest constitutional
law scholars extant, on that quite-weighty topic of mr.
cheney's role outside -- and over -- all three of
the "ordinary" branches of government -- and,
in just 47 seconds of running video, to boot!


cheers! -- a happy fourth, and
happy freedoms -- for one and all!

[at least until the dark prince
dick cheney decides otherwise. . .]


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nolo said...

t h a n k s !

and, how's the weather
in lisbon these days?

s m i l e. . .