Tuesday, July 24, 2007

oddly, the new york sun has summed-up what this site is all about. . .

in a few lines, the below
sets out a large part of the
reasoning behind the existence
of this site. . .

that he might run, and win the
republican nomination for president,
would be a pearl beyond price for
any and all democrats running. it
would be a "no chance of losing" bet.

take a look at the whole thing,
but here is the best of it:

. . .Ira Stoll admits that his paper's pushing for Vice President Cheney to run for president several months ago was widely mocked. And he admits that a Washington Post pollster has pointed out that with a favorable rating of only 18%, Cheney is less popular than Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson -- after their trials. Yet he is standing by his man, and re-iterates today in the New York Sun that he hopes the Veep takes a look at the current GOP field and throws his hat in the ring. . .

so do these people. he he!

and, honestly, so do i.

in this way, we'd have all
the attention we need focused
squarely upon him -- to get him
thrown him in jail. . . for multiple
felonies -- all allegedly, at this point.

[h/t to thinkprogress for the story lead. . .]

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