Friday, June 1, 2007

vice president dick cheney's would-be, should-be, "scooter" libby letter -- to judge walton. . .

[UPDATED -- 06.05.07 w/below edits: ed.]

yes, folks -- this is the letter mr.
cheney should have sent
, if
he, in fact, had nothing to do
with the outing of valerie plame
wilson, a covert c.i.a. asset, and
if, in fact, he did not, either
tacitly or expressly, encourage
scooter libby to do so, and if,
in fact
, he did nothing to encour-
age scooter libby to lie about his
own, or the vice president's, role
in these matters. i mean, he is
sworn to uphold the law, right?

so -- where is this letter?

will we see it on june 5, 2007?

i won't hold my breath -- for some
times, it is what is missing
brandished, as naked imperialism
, that
matters the most. . .

UPDATED -- 06.05.07: it is a good thing i
did not hold my breath -- as dick
cheney just came "out" in support
of perjury, and obstruction of justice

in any event, click to enlarge:

that is all.

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