Sunday, June 24, 2007

thinkprogress has an absolutely first-rate cheney piece today!

it does summarize the first
of four washington post pieces -- with
three yet to come -- but it also
adds much "inside-baseball" knowledge
. . .

do go read it all. now.

at . .

and, from talking points memo, we
learn of a newsweek piece on gonzales'
shilling for the would-be-fourth-branch-
. . .

that might amount to an obstructive
failure to investigate and prosecute,
on gonzales' part -- but clearly, the
dark prince here, is dick cheney. . .

so -- another good one!

[i may add more, later today,
as i make my way through the
various sunday reading lists. . .]


Anonymous said...

I like the formatting and the prose. (I usually skip Jeff's stuff over at TNH)

nolo said...

he he!

thanks, anon.

i will wait a few days
to see if anyone (else)
really cares, but i'll
likely keep my current
format. . .

do stop back by, from time
to time, mmmkay? -- i'll leave
the lights on. . .

again, thanks!