Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the tactical advantages of being a federal district court judge (walton)

now that the libby filing
is public, judge walton -- ever the
able jurist -- may now carefully
craft the reasoning of his sentencing
order to specifically adress each
of the three proffered arguments
of "close questions" for the release of
mr. libby
, while his appeals are pending.

excellent. well-done, judge walton.

this is exactly why they wear the robes,
and the rest of us may only sit in the
gallery, and watch with admiration. . .

as i said, excellent.

he waited until mr. robbins had shown
his hand (a pair of fours -- as in,
"two-by-fours" -- ham-handed), and
now he'll show his own (full-house, aces over kings!). . .

aces -- way over would-be kings (cheney and bush). . .

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