Thursday, June 28, 2007

rep. henry waxman delays at least one subpoena for white house security data-sets. . .

per the TMP muck, at talkingpointsmemo,
we are reliably informed that rep. henry
waxman's thursday deadline for subpoenas,
earlier detailed here, has resulted in a
deal for data-sharing by the white house.

go read the whole thing at the muck,
but here is the nub of what went down:

. . .The White House has consented to "transcribed interviews" with Alan Swendimen, director of the Office of Administration; Mark Frownfelter, an ex-security officer; and former WHSO head Jeff Thompson. "The fact that we were able to reach an agreement on testimony and getting the interviews to take place will be helpful in moving the committee's inquiry forward," says an Oversight Committee staffer.

Why is the committee so interested in the three relatively obscure bureaucrats? According to Waxman's letter, Fielding offered the committee Swendimen, Frownfelter and Thompson in order to forestall Waxman's efforts to get former White House chief of staff Andy Card before his panel. The committee considers the three well-positioned enough to shed light on how security procedures for handling classified information at the White House could have deteriorated to the degree Waxman detailed in his letter. . .

importantly, nothing in "the deal" prevents a
subsequent issuance of subpoenas by rep. waxman. . .

so -- we'll have to see -- i suspect that
the subpoenas will still ultimately have to
be issued to get any real substance on the
topic out of 1600 pennsylvania avenue. . .

but i'll trust rep. waxman's judgment here. . .

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