Tuesday, June 12, 2007

on barack obama's decison, of yesterday. . .

i am deeply disappointed by
senator barack obama's decision
not to be present for the vote
on senate joint resolution 14.

i do understand that several
other would-be candidates chose
the same path -- and i understand
the calculus here in play. i do
not condone such calculus -- for
in addition to being a candidate,
he is also a senator, with
solemn, sworn duties to the people
of the state of illinois
-- and
he failed us yesterday -- as in,
we, the people -- we ought to have
seen better from him. he plainly is
capable of better than clever politics.

here endeth my rant. he still
holds my support as the one front-
runner i most trust to take our
party's nomination, but i am
gravely disappointed that he
let "clever politics" come before
his sworn constitutional duties.


Anonymous said...

Since Obama didn't show any leadership by showing up for such an easy leadership action of voting as a Senator, what makes you think that he would show up when it counts for more important actions. So far he hasn't shown me any real leadership, just some nice talk.

nolo said...

well -- i think you have
made a fair point here, anon.

the topic of barack obama's
leadership is a subject that
would take me many posts
outline -- i've followed his
career very-closely, as far back
as his days in law school. . .

so -- while i am disappointed
by his "clever calculus", i do
think he has a longer-range goal
in mind. . . now -- while i do
largely concur with his stated
goals -- i do not approve of this
method of "preserving capital" for
use at a later juncture. . .

sorry to be so circumspect, but
i do have an abiding respect for
this man -- and i would love to
see him as our next president.


-- nolo