Thursday, June 28, 2007

i. lewis "scooter" libby to suffer additional (DNA-sample) indignities. . .

via and, among others,
you've likely seen the sorta'-silly reports
of mr. libby's inmate number, now assigned
in the federal bureau of prisons database. . .

and we all know his status
box indicates "not in custody". . .

becoming a federal prisoner involves a host
of other indignities -- including continuing
intrusions -- even after incarceration formally
ends for the prisoner. . .

while mr. libby has been exempted from the
requirement that he make regular urine-drops
to verify that he is drug-free, he has not
been exempted
from the requirement that he
submit a d.n.a. sample, upon release.

this, we learn, from judge walton's june 22,
2007 judgment of conviction. i've set the
specific check box (on page 4 of the judgment
form) in the middle of the b.o.p. screen. . .

i am not sure that his d.n.a. will match any
collected in other, as yet unsolved perjury
and obstruction cases(!), but it does give one
a sense of all the things mr. libby has already,
or will soon lose. . . including the right to
vote, the right to carry a firearm. . . and even
his right to keep his d.n.a. free from prying
federal laboratory testers' eyes. . .

take a look [click to enlarge]:

welcome to the system, scoots. . .
you belong to "the man", now. . .

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