Thursday, May 24, 2007

VIDEO -- mr. gonzales' testimony "inaccurate": monica goodling's sworn testimony

N O T E:

this is not amenable to
the old "i didn't
know, back then
gonzales number -- it
manifestly cannot
be -- because ms. goodling,
in later testimony yesterday,
swore that mr. gonzales came
by to recount his version
of many of the events in
question -- prior to his
own testimony, and after it
was clear hers would be re-
quired by congress.

mr. gonzales himself repeatedly
acknowledged to the press, late-
yesterday, that exactly such
a conversation between the two
of them took place, although he
disputed the purpose
(but not the actual content)
of that conversation. . .
E X C E R P T:

Rep. Davis: “AG Gonzales testified that he never saw the US Attorneys list, the list of terminated US Attorneys, is that accurate to your knowledge Ms. Goodling?”

Ms. Goodling: “Um, I believe he did see a list.”

Rep. Davis: “So if AG Gonzales testified that he didn’t see the list, you believe that would be inaccurate testimony on his part don’t you?”

Ms. Goodling: “I believe he saw a list.”

Rep. Davis: “So therefore you believe it would be inaccurate testimony?”

Ms. Goodling: “Yes.”

sen. leahy, or rep. davis, it is time
to write mr. gonzales and ask whether
he would like to amend his sworn testimony.

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