Saturday, May 12, 2007

they'll be coming out of the woodwork, now. . .

or, "how ms. goodling's immunity frees many
new department of justice voices to speak up. . ."

one of the developments i had most-hoped
for -- in my support of rep. john conyers'
decision to grant monica goodling use-immunity
in return for surrendering her fifth amendment
privileges -- is now emerging, and in a surprisingly-
rapid-fashion, too. . .

i had hoped that once the entire world
knew that ms. goodling would -- if asked -- now
be required to tell the truth about everything
she did, and knew, that might constitute
criminal activity, those wronged by her
conduct would speak -- anonymously, of
course -- to the press. . . to provide lines
of inquiry for rep. conyers, and others.

and, that has just happened. it is
no coincidence that
today's new york times
story -- sourcing at
least eight current
department of justice
attorneys (while main-
taining their anonymity,
to prevent retribu-
tion) -- first appeared
only about eight hours
after the order, at
right, was signed.

read the whole article by clicking the
gray lady's masthead below -- but, here is a
devastatingly-punchy, example:

. . .“You have a Monica problem,”
Ms. [Robin C.] Ashton was told,
according to several Justice De-
partment officials. Referring to Monica M.
Goodling, a 31-year-old, relatively inex-
perienced lawyer who had only recently
arrived in the office, the boss added,
“She believes you’re a Democrat and
doesn’t feel you can be trusted
”. . .

. . .In addition to making clear that she
wanted Ms. Ashton out, a Justice Department
employee still in that office said, Ms. Goodling
took actions that encouraged a second experienced
prosecutor, Kelly Shackelford, to move on. James B.
, who served as deputy attorney general from
2003 to 2005, said Ms. Ashton and Ms. Shackelford
were excellent lawyers, whose politics he did not
know nor would he ever have asked
. Ms. Ashton and
Ms. Shackelford declined to comment. . .

so, as these new, and highly damaging, dis-
closures make their way into the hands
of all the bodies investigating the DoJ
under alberto gonzales, i am sure we will
learn more. . . i am also certain ms. goodling
will answer questions from rep john conyers,
under oath later this month, on each of these
topics. these answers, and the $64,000 one -- "to
whom did you report, in pursuit of these multi-
year, repeated, intentional, pattern hatch-act-
" will likely point
to one mister karl rove.

and that will make the immunity deal a bargain.

rep. john conyers ought to serve mr. rove
with his supboena, perhaps as early as next week. . .

there's not much reason left to delay.

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