Thursday, May 17, 2007

sen. patrick leahy -- and new video! -- 05.17.07 -- authorizes -- but holds, for one week -- a subpoena for the appearance of bradley schlozman. . .

meanwhile, president bush flatly
refuses to state that the program
mr. comey (DoJ), mr. ashcroft (AG),
mr. mueller (FBI) all threatened to
resign over was always "lawful" -- no,
it was simply. . .

"n e c e s s a r y".

"hell, forget lawful -- it was needed!" -- that
is essentially all mr. bush is telling us, with
his non-denial, non-no-comment, here.

across town, senator patrick leahy
has done exactly as i predicted
on tuesday of this week:
. . .On the agenda for today is authorization for a subpoena to Bradley Schlozman, currently Associate Counsel to the Director at the Executive Office for United States Attorneys. Mr. Schlozman is also a former interim U.S. Attorney in Missouri and high-ranking official in the Department’s Civil Rights Division. We invited Mr. Schlozman to participate in our hearing this Tuesday and he failed to appear. I expect that a subpoena or authorization for a subpoena may help ensure that we are not disappointed by his failure to appear, again.

He was not the only “no-show” this week. The Attorney General failed to respond timely to our Committee subpoena on Tuesday, as well. The Attorney General offered no explanation for his noncompliance, but then again, this Attorney General is becoming famous for not offering much in the way of facts or explanation. . .

cnn is now reporting "Senate Democrats to
seek a no-confidence vote next week on
U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales,
two members of Senate Judiciary Committee say
. . ."

the director of communications for
senator leahy confirms that it is
sen. chuck schumer, and sen. diane
feinstein, who called for no confidence,
while sen. leahy simply said he has
"absolutely no confidence in mr.
. . ."

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