Wednesday, May 16, 2007

overdue, again? -- may 14 was return date to reps. conyers & nadler for DoJ civil rights/e.e.o. data. . .

beginning with this post, i
intend to more closely document
the stone-walling on civil-rights
underway at the DoJ. . .

it seems wan kim is overdue with
his answers on e.e.o.-type data
for hiring and promotion inside
the DoJ's civil-rights division.

take a look, by clicking on the
above-letter-image. note that
the return for all written data
is june 1, but the already-extant
documents in the DoJ's possession
were due to the house judiciary
committee on monday past.


Alberto said...

How do you know it's overdue? Are you sure Kim didn't turn over the data?

nolo said...

erh -- good point, there albie.

it is why a question mark appears
in the headline to the story. . .

[nolo points north-ward. . .]

even so, i do think it a fair story.

given that rep. conyers posts
the document dumps to the judiciary
committee website within 24 hours
as a rule -- and none are there -- i'd
say it's fair to assume they weren't
turned over. . .

btw, show me a single thing that
was turned in on time by the DoJ
folk. . .

but i could be wrong, albie.

care to correct me?

i'll credit you, directly.

he he!