Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LIVE VIDEO! -- on may 23, 2007 -- monica goodling to testify before the house judiciary committee -- with immunity. . .

UPDATED: 8:15 a.m.

[this was originally posted
on may 16, 2006 at 4:57 p.m. e.d.t.
i've updated for live video links
for tomorrow's hearing, and some
thoughts on the possibility that
her deal will explode because
she has refused to turn over
documents subpoenaed by the
house judiciary committee, now
in her possession:

". . .I am concerned, however, about your statement that Ms. Goodling is going to refuse to produce documents in her possession that are responsive to the subpoena," Rep. John Conyers wrote. . .

". . .We are aware of no authority that permits internal Department administrative regulation to allow a former employee of the Department of Justice, or any other person, to avoid the subpoena power of the House of Representatives, as that power is central to the House's ability to carry out its Constitutional oversight mandate and certainly trumps internal agency regulations. . ."

At issue were a set of documents that Dowd, an attorney for the Washington, DC law firm Akin, Gump, Straus, Hauer, and Feld, acknowledged his client possessed.

"Ms. Goodling has copies of other electronic documents and e-mails that would be responsive to the Committee's subpoena but which are copies of official Department of Justice documents, including un-redacted copies of documents produced to date only in redacted form. . ."

there may be fireworks first
thing tomorrow -- on the failure
to cooperate with the house judiciary
committee in full, and unequivocally,
as is contemplated by 18 USC §§ 6002
through 6005

end, update: ed.]

well -- mark your calendars
for next wednesday. . . 10:15 a.m. e.d.t.

a live video-link, or links, will
appear right here -- so check back.

and, this will now certainly be on c-span3. . .

check it out:

no fibbing, now ms. goodling; and
no "convenient" forgetfulness -- those
paths will both lead to jail-time for perjury. . .

and, it is now being reported by
novak that ms. susan ralston is working
on an immunity deal
of her own. . .

[UPDATED: in a may 10, 2007 depostion
taken by rep. henry waxman's oversight committee
lawyeers -- she has "taken five, for freedom"
in much the same way as ms. goodling did
. . .]

she was rove's gatekeeper, and provides
important links from the white house
(karl rove definitely included, here),
to the jack abramoff scandal. . .

e x c e l l e n t.

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