Monday, May 7, 2007

jeffrey feldman -- courtesy of the huffington post -- on dick cheney

okay -- i think i like
this jeffrey feldman
guy, already. . .

here's a little gem he wrote yesterday
about the trip mr. cheney will make,
next week, ostensibly for the purpose
of "middle-east diplomacy". . .

. . .Of all the people in the world, today, there is not a single person who symbolizes the arrogance, violence and deceit of the Bush era more than Vice President Dick Cheney.

More than just a failed leader, Cheney has become an icon of violence -- a man whose name and face are synonymous with the an authoritarian view of politics rooted in the ignorant idea that unilateral force can sow everlasting peace.

There have been other icons of violence in history, but Cheney is the most dominant in today's world. Even more than Bush, who has become a symbol of a failed Machiavellian prince, Cheney's iconic status is built on his soulless bureaucratic tenor, his relentless commitment to long-since-debunked propaganda, and his constant repetition of doomsday scenarios predicting nuclear Holocaust. All this means that Cheney did not happen up on his iconic status by chance. He created it himself.

Is there anyone in America -- anyone in the world -- who does not know this about Dick Cheney? No. We all know it. Even in the vile and twisted tangle of the Bush White House, they all know what Cheney symbolizes in the world. They all know that no person is more hated, more distrusted than Dick Cheney. . .

so -- before i call it a night, i thought
it might be wise to return once again to the
"top of the house" -- to point back
toward the reason this blog bears the
notorious mantle under which it operates. . .

yes -- the above more than fits that
bill -- it is simply spot-on.

well-put, mr. feldman.



Anonymous said...

I like the way your site looks. I like the content too. Oh and I love the name!

nolo said...

gee -- thanks!

do stop back by -- oh,
anonymous person!


Liberality said...

You do have a really informative blog. Keep up the great posts!

nolo said...

thanks, mrs. lib --

i appreciate yours, as well. . .

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