Monday, May 21, 2007

it sure seems like deja vu, all over again. . .

the-chairman-conyers & rep.-sanchez-
authored version of this letter (from
senator patrick leahy's senate judiciary
committee) was sent to fred fielding,
white house counsel, today, about one
week after the senators' version.

[a copy of that very-similar house
letter is available at tpmmuckraker. . .
no need to reset it here. . .]

"so -- i do love the smell of subpoenas
in the morning -- what say you, 'fredo

"ah -- to comply, or not to comply,
that is the question, sez i
. . ."

it is pretty interesting, actually, that
the longer the white house stalls, the
greater the chance that all it
will have time for, shortly, is fighting
subpoenas from at least three committees,
in two chambers, in various courtrooms in,
and around the district of columbia. . .

ironic, that, no?

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