Tuesday, May 29, 2007

go read -- "cheney's black hole" -- no, not THAT one!

[clickable image: libby march 24,2004
grand jury exhibit -- government's
GX-2A -- page 3; also as a pdf file.]

okay -- courtesy emptywheel at the
-- some very geeky/weedy
plame-c.i.a.-leak investigation time-
line stuff, but trust me, with EW, it
will lead somewhere -- it always does. . .

and so, all true connoisseurs must quaff this:

"dick cheney's black hole" -- part iii.

also by EW, and not to be missed, are parts
i and ii of her s.s.c.i. investigative report
analysis, critique and review -- she is without
doubt, the non-agenda-ized, truly-independent,
self-taught-expert on all weedy-manner-of-dis-

"kneecapping waxman" -- part ii; and

"why i want a new s.s.c.i. chair" -- part i.

do.go.read.EW's. . .

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