Wednesday, May 2, 2007

condi rice's v. dick cheney's "bad behavior". . .

or, what was wrong -- again -- with
speaker pelosi's visit to syria?

one month ago, on april 4, 2007,
this is how vice president
dick cheney characterized
speaker pelosi's visit to
syria, in an interview with abc news:

. . .Cheney called Pelosi's diplomatic venture "unfortunate" explaining, "the fact of the matter is Bashar Assad has been a bad actor in many respects," citing Syria as a "conduit for Iranian support of Hezbollah" and a "flow of jihadists" into Iraq.

Echoing President Bush, who on Tuesday labeled Pelosi's visit to Syria "counterproductive", Cheney added, "He's been isolated and cut off because of his bad behavior. The unfortunate thing about the Speaker's visit is it sort of breaks down that barrier."

"His bad behavior's being rewarded in a sense," Cheney concluded to ABC News Radio. . .

this friday, our secretary of state,
ms. condoleezza rice, will hold meetings
with the foreign minister for the very
same syrian "jihadist-supporter"
referred to above -- according to
this morning's wa po
. . .

yo! pot -- say hello to kettle.

and -- nutty thing! -- you look just
as black
, this month, as you did last month. . .

[priceless! -- h/t to the carpetbagger]

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