Saturday, April 21, 2007

rep. waxman, to the fourth power! -- april 25 a red-letter-day. . .

. . .or, "light 'em up, sparky™ -- let's just
take possession of those RNC servers, now!. . ."

after four letters very politely requesting that
the officers of the republican national committee
voluntarily cooperate with an ongoing house
oversight committee investigation, all as authorized,
and contemplated by well-settled law, chairman henry
waxman is runnning out of patience with the RNC stone-
tactics. . .

while the rest of us digested and debated alberto
gonzales' performance yesterday
, rep. waxman lit-up
the subpoena-powered after-burners™, and let loose a
salvo of not one, not two, not three. . . but
four -- count 'em, FOUR! -- subpoena warning/vote
scheduling letters. take a look [click to enlarge]:

so, april 25 is the new [doubled!] red-letter day. . .

the headliner is obviously condi rice, and
the now-infamous "16 words" that were
added to president bush's 2003 state of the union
address, which falsely linked saddam hussein to
efforts to obtain nuclear weapons-grade radio-
active raw materials. . .

but i will quote from, and reproduce, a bit
of the letter rep. waxman sent to the chairman
of the r.n.c. -- for as i wrote the other day,
it is probably time to stop soft-shoe-ing about
the dance floor to the covington & burling
time-delay cha-cha -- and ultimatey go get
an order to TAKE possession of those r.n.c.
servers, if mr. duncan will not turn over all
the electronic (and other) documents requested by
the soon-to-arrive subpoenas. that is what
is now needed -- like, immediately,
already [click image to view]. yeah.

". . .In response to these repeated and reasonable
requests, the RNC has failed to provide any of the
requested documents. Moreover, the RNC has refused
to provide even the most basic information within
its possession regarding who at the White House
held RNC e-mail accounts or how often they
communicated through these accounts. . . If the
RNC provides the information and documents
requested by the Committee before April 25. . .
I will reassess whether compulsory
measures are necessary. . ."


now, would somebody go scrounge-up
some more fuel for rep. waxman's
mr. fusion® subpoena-fuel™ burner?

i dunno -- a banana peel, or
something -- a bud can, jes' sumthin'. . .

yeh. thanks.

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