Monday, April 9, 2007

rep. waxman "in high gear" over condi rice evasiveness!

shorter version -- appear on the 18th,
or prepare to accept a subpoena!

i have "galinda-fied" these
.pdf files for easy reading. rep.
henry waxman just released a very-
detailed, stingingly-pointed letter
he sent to secretary of state condoleezza
rice this morning. 'tis a pdf
at the moment. . . be back shortly
the full-res jpeg is now set
below -- just click it, to read in
a non-stultifying size. . .

all the duplicitous threads
now unravel, at an accelerating-pace. . .

[UPDATE: this morning's excitement
put me in mind, once again, of an
so i'll reprise it here, and now:


[ed note: i'll leave the original,
but transcribed, excerpts below. . .]

". . .One of the issues the Committee is examining why the President asserted in his State of the Union address in 2003 that Iraq sought uranium from Niger. In my March 12 letter, I requested information about what you knew about this assertion and how it ended up in the State of the Union address. I asked you to answer specific questions raised in a June 10, 2003, letter and a July 29,2003,1etter, both of which I enclosed. These questions included: (1) whether you had any knowledge that would explain why President Bush cited forged evidence about Iraq's efforts to procure uranium from Niger in the State of the Union address; (2) whether you knew before the State of the Union address of the doubts raised by the CIA and the State Department about the veracity of the Niger claim; (3) whether there was a factual basis for your reference in a January 23,2003, op-ed to "Iraq's efforts to get uranium from abroad"; and (4) whether you took appropriate steps to investigate how the Niger claim ended up in the State of the Union address after it was revealed to be fraudulent. . .

Rather than address any of these questions, [your staff] forwarded copies of two old State Department letters that have no bearing whatsoever on your knowledge of, your role in, or your statements about the Niger claim. . .

As I hope you can understand, because of the inadequacies of [your staff's]response, the Committee will not withdraw the invitation for you to testify on April 18, 2007. . ."

again, shorter version -- appear on the
18th, or prepare to accept a subpoena!

i'll turn on c-span and pop popcorn!


Chris said...

Waxman is as much of a fool as I thought he was.

Rice is baiting him into issuing her a subpoena. I had thought that's what she was doing, and my suspicions were correct.

Why else do you think Rice's people would send Waxman's goons a couple of letters that she knew wouldn't stop the Show Trial Express. Rice understands that Waxman isn't interested in finding out the truth, he wants a televised show trial, that's all.

And Waxman is hanging his hat on Joe Wilson's Niger testimony and the 16 words, which a close reading will tell you had nothing to do with the nation of Niger.

Waxman does not want to subpoena Rice, that's the last thing he wants to do. She will rip him a new asshole. His entire effort is built on a lie and she'll tear him apart, but she's forcing him into a corner in which his moonbat supporters, people like you, will force him to indict her.

Waxman's effectiveness has always depended on his reputation for bullying and intimidation. That ends once Condi walks into the room. Once she is done with Waxman, his effectiveness to the Democratic party will be ended.

brendan said...

hey chris, how's all the medication treating you?
Cut back on the hallucinogens, OK?

Anonymous said...

chris rice , pleased to meet ya!

nolo said...

thanks for your
comments, chris -- i
take it that your "logic"
here is the same as the
line being fed the press
this morning that the
demonstrations against the
u.s. occupation of iraq,
in sadr city, are ACTUALLY
a sign that we are winning
the war on terror -- because
"they have freedom of speech
. . ." right. they are
asking us to leave. let's
take them at their word -- and,
in the same way -- let's get
some real answers from condi
rice, the secretary of state,
oh yeah -- under oath,
before the oversight committee
of the u.s. house, this time. . .

before i go, let me remind you
that dick cheney thanks you
for drinkin' the bush&co.
kool-aid, just the same, chris. . .

do come back now, y' hear?

nolo said...

forgot to mention,
in my last comment:

emptwheel at the
next hurrah has some
fine added detail on the
, here. . .

nolo said...

more at thinkprogress, as well. . .

Equinox said...

Wow, Chris, you are the moonbat, and the are just doing it for the GOP instead of for the liberal party. At this point, even the NON-Liberals believe the lies anymore. Sorry you'll be deprived of your moonbat theory.

This is yet another thread unraveling from the wool pulled over the American people's eyes. Enjoy your delusion that "everything is just fine" for as long as you can, because it's going to end soon.