Saturday, April 7, 2007

nothing surprising about this. . .

lewis "scooter" libby's license
to practice law in the district
of columbia has been suspended,
pending a more permanent determination.

imo, libby will almost certainly be
permanently disbarred -- once
the appeals process runs its
course. he has been convicted of
multiple crimes -- felonies, all -- in-
volving "moral turpitude". . .

and those are magic words to
bar authorities. perjury in-
volves moral turpitude. so it
is extremely likely he will
never practice law in d.c.
again -- unless he wins a 100%
vacating reversal at the appellate
level. the chances of that occuring
are slim to none, given the solid
record judge walton laid down, at
trial, for every ruling he made
from the bench. . .

here endeth the lesson.

[h/t firedoglake.]

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