Tuesday, April 3, 2007

my video editorial on "M.C. Rove". . .

last week, karl rove rapped (solely
in the dictionary sense of that word,
mind you), and then did a little
stand-up "comedy" routine at the
correspondents' banquet. . . this is
much in the same vein as [h/t dakine01!]
the same dinner at which colbert gave mr.
bush more reality than he could handle,
last year. . . and, like the banquet at
which mr. bush infamously made light
of not having found weapons of mass
destruction in iraq, a few years earlier. . .

i humbly offer my video rejoinder to
mr. rove, to mr. cheney, and to mr. bush, himself:

[forgive the rather proletarian
editing effects/efforts -- it is all
i have to work with. . .]

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