Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Monica Goodling -- Rep. Conyers -- VIDEO! -- "Limited Use" Immunity/RNC E-Mails Subpoenaed

the full youtube stream will
be available below in mere moments. . .

it is simply hard to imagine how
karl rove, dick cheney, gonzo or the
president can be comfortable with
the notion -- expressed well, above
by rep. henry waxman (in his section
of the above video) -- and likely
to be confirmed by the r.n.c. e-mails
(now subject to a house subpoena), that
regular, repeated-pattern violations of
the federal hatch act were committed by
karl rove, or by people acting directly
under his supervision, and pursuant to
his instructions. . .

[UPDATED: thursday morning's washington
post is reporting that at least 20 such
"morale briefings" occurred, and the
thursday, april 26, 2007 new york times
quotes a white house spokesperson to say
that these political briefings were given
by white house staff to as many as 15
-- including, rather oddly,
NASA(!). . . other published reports indicate
that these talks were recurring events -- per-
haps as often as once each year. if any of these
were held on federal property, or took
place during the working day, or "career"
federal employees were asked, or "encouraged"
to attend them, then each such
instance would clearly violate the express
prohibitions of the federal hatch act. . .]

these repeated violations will make out
a pretty good prima facie case that
mr. rove's conduct constituted a felony.

much more will be written on this -- by
better legal minds than mine -- in the
coming days. . . so, stay tuned.


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