Wednesday, March 21, 2007

senate judiciary committee votes subpoenas. . .

U P D A T E D:

march 22, 2007

the senate's judiciary committee, by
voice vote, without dissent, has
followed yesterday's lead of the house
judiciary committee, and voted to
authorize the issuance of subpoenas
compelling the appearance and testi-
mony of karl rove and others related
to the dismissal of eight a.u.s.a.'s. . .
"I do not take lightly a take-it-or-
leave-it so-called offer from the White
House,” said Mr. Leahy, alluding to the
administration’s offer to make current
and former aides available for private
interviews, as opposed to public test-
imony. “I believe in the prerogatives
of the United States Senate. . .”


Senate Judiciary Committee

Senate Dirksen Office Building Room 226

Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 10:00 a.m. E.D.T.

I. Authorization of Subpoenas in
Connection with Investigation into
Replacement of U.S. Attorneys

Chair: Senator Patrick Leahy(D: VT)

so -- by this time tomorrow,
there will very likely be
authority for two supoenas,
each naming one mr. karl rove,
among others. . .

batter up.

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