Thursday, March 29, 2007

kyle sampson, under oath, is burning alberto gonzales -- right now.

kyle just said, under oath -- and
repeatedly -- that aberto gonzales
made false statements to members
of congress. . .

mr. sampson is not -- absolutely
-- playing a scooter libby
(gonzales/rove/cheney loyalist) role. . .

my bet: alberto gonzales will be gone, before
he appears before this committee, in two weeks' time. . .

but that will NOT be the end of this;
alberto gonzales may well be disbarred,
as well as kyle sampson. . .

LATER, now. . .

sampson has just admitted, under oath,
that the quotations around “good faith”,
in his december 2006 e-mail, were in fact,
to suggest that “running out the clock”
[as i speculated last night in the footnotes]
on griffin’s tenure as an AG would NOT
be in good faith — THUS AN ABUSE OF

he admits under oath, to arlen specter,
that he was advocating a plan to circumvent
the senate’s authority
re advice and consent
on u.s. attorneys. . .

this man swore an oath to uphold the law,
when he passed the bar -- not to advocate
the direct circumvention of constitutional
mandates that have been uninterrupted for
220 years. . .

this is devastating to the white house,
because the plan was advanced for three months,
without any one rejecting the plan -- until
january 2007. no gonzo. no rove. no one
rejects the idea, in writing, of circum-
venting the law, even though they’ve seen
the plan, in writing. . .

* * * *

he also admits suggesting firing FITZ
during the plame investigation!!! OMFG!

he doesn't "think" he talked to karl
rove about this idea to fire Fitzgerald.

gonzo is gone. gotta be. probably rove, too.


Liberality said...

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood! Hope Rove gets all he has coming to him!

nolo said...

me too.