Wednesday, March 28, 2007

fielding may be painting bush into a corner. . .

this letter, released today by
both chamber-committees' chairs,
each looking into the u.s. attorney mass-
firings, puts white house counsel fielding
in a completely indefensible position -- it
appears pretty clearly that the white
house is backing out on its promise
to cooperate, even though both chambers
have stayed the issuances of subpoenas,
for the moment. . .

take a look -- click
on each to see full-size version:

tomorrow's appearance by d. kyle sampson,
alberto gonzales' former chief of staff,
before senator leahy's judiciary committee,
promises to bring all sorts of new questions
into the antiseptic glow of sunshine. . .

the fact that it is a joint letter,
from both committee chairs, underscores
the gravity of these matters -- the white
house, in stark contrast, looks to be up
to its usual political gamesmanship, and
obfuscation tactics. . . not surprising,
given its track record, but disgusting, nonetheless.

here's the full pdf file
of the above letter, as well.

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