Thursday, February 22, 2007

nicholas kristof asks after the jackson hole note. . .

yet another compelling new york
times piece, filed this morning. . .

the only disappointment here is that
it has taken this long to get the hard-
driving questioning out of the m.s.m.
on this -- clearly a matter of historic,
and constitutional, moment:

Bush and Cheney Owe an Explanation
February 21, 2007

By Nicholas D. Kristof

". . .Since June 9 [2003] was right when there was a bustle of activitiy in the White House on this issue, you have to wonder whether Bush’s expression of concern or embarrassment wasn’t behind Cheney and Libby’s actions. Or it’s also plausible that Cheney, who was hot under the collar about it, briefed Bush and Bush promptly forgot. But we do have to know which version is the truth. If Bush was behind the furor, that is something the American people deserve to know. . .

The other item that raises questions about Bush is the note from Cheney that suggests that it was “the Pres.” who asked Libby to take on the Joe Wilson issue with the press. After writing “the Pres.” Cheney crossed out those words and simply used the passive, saying that Libby “was asked to stick his neck in the meat grinder.” But it sure looks as if he started to say that it was Bush that did so. Why? Was Bush behind the campaign against Wilson?

We just don’t know the answers to these questions, and there’s not much point speculating. But when serious questions are raised about the integrity of the White House, the President and Vice President owe us answers. . ."

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