Tuesday, February 20, 2007

it seems like it is time. . .

. . . as patrick fitzgerald, the u.s. attorney out
of chicago, wraps up his summation in the govern-
ment's case charging lewis "scooter" libby with
crimes -- felonies -- consisting of lying before a
federal grand jury, the evidence seems so over-
whelming, so complete, so devastating that i, for
one, believe fitz can prove [has proved?] much
about the potentially criminal conspiracy allegedly
orchestrated by our sitting vice president. . .

in fact, emptywheel, over at firedoglake
has this to say about that -- do read it all:

". . .By my reading, Cheney took his own notes on at least four documents pertaining to Wilson. It appears likely that, after learning that Plame worked at CIA from Libby or Martin, he went out and found out precisely where she worked, then he reported it back to Libby. Cheney directed Libby on at least three occasions (with Judy [Miller], with David Martin and Mitchell, and with Cooper et al) to personally intervene with journalists. And Cheney remained actively involved in crafting the response to Wilson all week during leak week. In addition, it seems clear that Cheney was pushing the Wilson attacks after the Novak article. . ."

more in a moment. . .

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